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How To Shred Your medical Files, X-rays and Billing statements safely and on a budget? Help your office comply with the latest HIPAA rules and requirements to safeguard patients records. Neighborhood Parcel of Boston MA has over a decade of experience in the proper handling of patient’s files to ensure compliance with both State and Federal Privacy laws at the lowest rates possible, featuring no minimums, no long-term contracts and 7 days a week service. To Book or inquire, call 978.636.0301 or visit https://boston.residentialdocumentshredding.com

Medical Shredding Service You Can Trust

Boston medical document shredding

Neighborhood Parcel of Boston MA offers secure, certified medical files shredding services that are a MUST for compliance with data protection and identity theft laws in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In addition to being compliant with HIPAA, destroying sensitive documents that are no longer being used is vital for keeping company or personal PHI information private and secure.

Why is Medical Files destruction needed?

If you discard your personal records without destroying them, anyone can legally gain access to your files and identity like competitors, litigators, the media, thieves, etc. If you are not securely shredding personal, financial, Xrays or other sensitive medical information, you are breaking the law. In the U.S, it is the law that healthcare organizations handle patient medical records and documents known as “Protected Health Information (PHI)”, with the highest regard for patient privacy. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that this protected medical information be properly destroyed prior to disposal. Recent changes to HIPAA put more emphasis on the need for Covered Entities, including medical practices, to train their employees on the proper disposal of PHI. Failures to provide such training could be considered willful neglect and result in the highest level of mandatory fines. To get started on purging your old files, call us at 978.636.0301 or request a free shredding quote here.

Medical Document Shredding Service

Neighborhood Parcel is proudly serving the healthcare industry: Sergeants, Dentists, Hospitals, Chiropractors, X-rays offices, Clinics, Medical billing offices and many more throughout Metro Boston MA, Arlington, Newton, Cambridge, Waltham, Worcester, Andover, Burlington, Quincy, Brookline, Allston, Lowell, Wellesley, Dracut, Chelmsford, Chelsea, Everette, Revere, Nashua NH, Portsmouth NH, Salem NH, and most of southern New Hampshire.

Boston MA Medical Document Shredding Service Company
Boston MA Most Trusted Medical Files and X-ray Documents Shredding Service Company
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Best Medical Document Shredding Company In Boston MA
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Best Medical Document Shredding Company In Boston MA
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Lin Yang,
2056 Waltham St,Brighton,MA-0219,
Boston, MA
I did not want to use Staples or UPS store where I drop off my documents and they sit there for weeks and exposed to identity theft. This service was great because I was able to sit and watch all my documents destroyed. It was worth every Penney. Thank You
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Neighborhood Parcel was founded in 2007 as an alternative to the other big box shredding retailers like Staples, Shredit, Cintas and Iron Mountain. We never thought we would become a key player in the community. Our vision to be a vital part of the community evolved around “Paying It Forward” mantra, we give back to the community in every chance we get. From supporting Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence, or Soup kitchens like Lazarus House, to supporting the Boston Marathon Victim fund. People took notice of our competitive rates and the fact that we were a small business that was vested in the community.